More control, more convenience, more variety, better quality, at lower cost, that is what TV via the web is all about. Even the few ads you see help you find things that you were already looking for, and maybe even have a passion for.

This blog is dedicated to helping people connect and enjoy in a sustainable way all that TV via the web has to offer.

Let me, the author, introduce myself. I am part of one of the fastest growing movements in America to “cut the cable” and commit full-time to accessing all video content via the web (with a little help from Netflix and the post office).

I made the commitment in 2006 for my kids, then ages 5 and 3, and they have grown up in a world where everything on our HDTV is safe, sometimes educational, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes funny, and has the advantages of time and craftsmanship that creates believable characters and stories.

There are many forces that would like to keep you on cable TV forever. There is a small but growing resources, like this blog, that will help you find and enjoy the full range and power that digital distribution via the web has to offer. The story of the shift in how people watch TV reads like a big business melodrama set against massive changes in technology.

People rapid adoption of new technology continues to make new institutions as fast as it breaks the old ones (in with Facebook, out with newsprint). However technology, and choice are on your side because you now have the right to vote with your mouse every minute. Sharing information via blogs and word-of-mouth we will help each other make the massive leap from cable TV to TV on the web in the near future.