There will be no going back….

On the web you create interest one person at a time based on their interests… not yours. Consumers are in control, and there are very few places where a marketer can go to reach a “mass audience”.

facebook is doing it right and serves as a great example of advertising on the web. In facebook you can take one product or service and write ten different ads for it. Each ad can target a different age group, geographic area, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. With facebook you focus specifically on who you want to reach and how they want to be reached; you do not “blanket the airwaves”.

Pricing is very flexible and you can pay per impression (ad was shown on a page) or per click. You compete with other advertisers to get seen, and like Ebay, it is a bidding system. Let’s suggest there is a 20 cent range of prices. If you bid on the low end and a higher bidder is offering, then your ad won’t get seen as much as the higher bidder.

Has it occurred to you that facebook is the perfect place to ask consumers to take an action…. “direct response style”? If it has, you are getting into it.

The best feature of Facebook advertising? You set the price limit. Per day. For the whole campaign. You only pay for what you use.

When it is all over, the measurement tools are equally impressive and detailed. Once advertisers learn to use these tools there will be no going back.

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