Video On Demand - Cable’s secret weapon?

What seems like long ago, cable made the switch to digital and slowly but steadily increased Video On Demand (VOD) offerings. VOD offers 24/7 access to certain shows without having to set a DVR, and usually at no additional charge. If you can ignore the monthly bill, doesn’t VOD it sound a lot like the internet?

When “free” becomes the accepted standard, VOD may be the only product cable has left. However, VOD is a technically mature product that Cable is well positioned to provide if they can sort the economics of “free” and move quickly enough.

To prepare for the future, Cable should start testing a model where they give “ISP only” customers free VOD. It’s long shot considering that AOL’s shell that “protected” users from the internet ultimately failed. However, cable’s position of ISP provider should give it an advantage with consumers too new, or too busy to be bothered, to venture onto the web to find their family video entertainment.

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